Cloud Williams
Cloud Williams 2
Cloud, thinking about fighting for the freedom of Burma
Gender: Male
Nationality: Burmese-American
Friends and Family
David, Ye Thuza
Sandra North, Woo, Larisa Korolev, Benjamin, Theo
Love interests:
Sandra North

Cloud Williams is one of the main characters of the webcomic Sandra and Woo. From the comic's "Cast" page:

Cloud Williams is Sandra’s boyfriend. He is the son of two fanatic Final Fantasy fans, David and Ye Thuza, and was named after Final Fantasy VII’s hero Cloud Strife by them. When Cloud is not practising sword fighting, he is playing with his younger sister Yuna. His Burmese mother Ye Thuza is a member of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy. Cloud dreams of bringing freedom and justice to the oppressed peoples of Burma one day.

Early LifeEdit

Cloud Williams was born to David Williams and Ye Thuza, and was named after the Final Fantasy hero Cloud Strife. He was brought up to be a ninja by his mom, and is skilled with both a sword and the martial arts. He is Sandra's boyfriend.

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